Ice Cream

I am here to tell you that ice cream does NOT make you fat!!  I am living proof of it.  Even when I was dieting, I was still eating ice cream/frozen yogurt every single night.  It is the one thing that I refused to give up, because it is my favorite thing in the world! My friends and family laugh at me about how much I love the awesome little invention of ice cream.  For example, when I went to visit my BFF Jenn in LA/San Diego this past summer, I was overwhelmed by the glorious creation of frozen yogurt shoppes.  I made her take me to Yogurtland twice a day so I could get my fix some fro-yo.

New England has some excellent ice cream shoppes/creamerys that I can’t wait to share with you all.  Unfortunately, most are closed for the winter, but have no fear, I still buy at least a carton of ice cream a week, even in the winter!  I plan to use this little space to write reviews of different flavors.

My Top 5 Favorite Flavors:

  • mint chocolate chip
  • chocolate chip
  • chocolate chip cookie dough
  • moose tracks
  • chocolate fudge brownie

3 Responses to Ice Cream

  1. Meg C. says:

    Ice cream is my favorite too- and I am totally obsessed with going to new froyo places!

  2. Hillary says:

    I am a huge ice cream/fro yo fan too. My favorites are mint chip and coffee. I look forward to the reviews…

  3. I love fro yo.. sadly, no fro yo places around where I live. Must get my fix through the grocery store but it’s not quite the same.

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