My Schedule

My schedule this semester is different than any other semester i’ve ever had!  I am not sure if it is a good thing or a bad thing, but it will definitely keep my busy!

On Monday’s I only have one night class, so these will be my “school work days.”

On Tuesday’s,  I have class in the morning, then come home for a lunch break, then go back for another class, then come home again, and then have another night class.  I’ve never had so many breaks throughout the day!  I walk nearly 4 miles on these days because my campus is so huge!

On Wednesday’s, I drive up early in the morning to Vermont to work at my off campus placement from 8:30 to 5ish?

Thursday’s are the same as Tuesday, except for I don’t have the night class!  I also walk nearly 4 miles on Thursday’s.

Friday’s, I go back to Vermont for my placement again.

I am struggling with when I am going to fit in my work outs!  Monday’s it won’t be a problem.  Tuesday’s will definitely be a “rest” day.  I think I will be exhausted after my placement on Wednesdays and Fridays, and my gym is 10 minutes in the opposite direction of Vermont, so there is no way i’ll work out in the morning.  I just hope I can find a healthy balance!

I also know that once the semester gets going I will have more school work and even LESS time to work out.  In the past, I have always had enough free time to fit in work outs, but now that life is getting busier, I just have to cope with the fact that  I will be going from working out 5 to 6 days a week to 3 to 4 days.  I also just bought some Jillian Michael’s work out videos that I might try out.  I’ve never been a work out video kind of girl, but I must say it is so convenient during the winter!

Now, I need a suggestion.  I typically like to eat breakfast no earlier than 8.  This means I will be eating breakfast in the car on my drive to Vermont.  I eat oatmeal almost every morning.

Do any of you have any ideas for a good breakfast to eat in the car for about 300-400 calories?  I am obsessed with kashi go lean, by the way! 🙂


5 Responses to My Schedule

  1. Heather says:

    Smoothies are great portable breakfasts – you can even blend in some oatmeal.

    I also love hard boiled eggs, cheese and crackers and a piece of fruit – all not too hard to eat while driving.

    I’m struggling with trying to figure out my schedule as well. Unfortunately mine changes just about every week so nothing remains consistent!

  2. Danielle says:

    My favorite on-the-go bfasts would be homemade granola/protein bars, smoothies, and breakfast cookies 🙂

  3. A green smoothie! I drink them in the car for breakfast very often.

  4. Wow your schedule sounds rough!!! This is the first semester i’ve had night classes and I am not liking them, I have trouble focusing and staying awake.
    As for the workouts, last semester my schedule was pretty insane and I found that the only way I could find time was to wake up early and do it. It sucked getting up early and I did forfeit sleep many a time but it was worth it as long as you know what your body can handle.
    And I actually love that Jillian Micheals dvd. I’m not a fan of the 30 Day Shred because it may have caused my injury BUT if you avoid plyometrics, her workouts are kick-butt.

    Hmm.. as for the breakfasts, a smoothie is a great idea! Also, this is somewhat messy (or can be) but i’ll mix yogurt, cereal (including kashi golean haha), and fruit in a big cup and eat it in the car. It’s doable. Or a waffle sandwich with 2 whole grain/whole wheat/etc. waffles with pb or almond butter and a banana sandwiched between (this could also work with just regular bread).

  5. Amy says:

    mmm…. I would suggest one of those breakfast cookie things with kashi go lean mixed in??? (I’m obsessed with the honey almond flax kind)

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