Technical Difficulties

Hi Everyone!

Sorry for my lack of posting yesterday.  I have been having some technical difficulties.  My brother got me more RAM for my computer, and I also upgraded to Windows 7.  My brother took my computer apart in the process and we had a hard time getting it back together.  I think this caused about 15 panic attacks on Christmas….never trusting him with my computer again!  HA!

Let’s backtrack to Christmas dinner, because it certainly was yummy.  Since it was just the five of us, we didn’t go all out on Christmas dinner.  On the menu was a very premium beef tenderloin, twice baked potatoes, roasted broccoli, salad, and bread and olive oil.  **I apologize for the smudge on my lens in all the pictures you are about to see**

We nibbled on cheese and crackers throughout the day.  This is a 5 pound wheel of cheddar cheese made in Vermont.  I loove good cheese!

The Salad.  I am not a huge salad girl (I know, GASP!) but this did look yummy!

Twice baked potatoes are delicious and fun to make.  Here are our ingredients (turkey bacon, sour cream and grated cheddar cheese):


Scoop out the insides and put them in a bowl:

Mix all the insides with cheese, sour cream, butter, and bacon:

Lightly spoon the mixture back into the scooped out potatoes:

This is what they should look like before you put them in the oven:

After the oven (nice and golden brown):

Yum!! I loove twice baked potatoes!

Next up, bread and olive oil.  This olive oil is also straight from Italy:

Mix the olive oil with parmesean cheese and red pepper flakes:


I am not a huge beef tenderloin or meat girl, but on Christmas I always have a small piece.  The quality meat my parents buy never disappoints:

It was a little too rare for my liking, but I had a small piece anyways.  Here is my plate.  I went back for seconds on the potatoes, broccoli and breadi:

What is a Christmas meal without dessert?  Our neighbor buys us these pastries as a gift every year from an excellent bakery.  They are delicious.

Yum!  Everything turned out really nice and I was stuffed by the end of the night.

I have to show you all this.   My brother got this helicopter for Christmas that you can fly around the house (yes, he is 22).  It really is funny and fun  to watch, but yesterday he got it stuck in my hair.  I was not a happy camper and a huge chunk of my hair got pulled out in the process.  Thankfully I have plenty of hair!

I also got new running shoes yesterday.  I am so excited, I needed them desperately.  I go to a specialty running store to purchase my running shoes.  I have been using Aasics for years, and couldn’t imagine using anything else.  Here are my new beauties that I can’t wait to try out:

Aren’t they pretty?!  Haha.  I love getting new sneaks!  My mom and I are off to the mall today.  I am taking a break from exercise for the day (my body kind of hurts), but make sure to check out my fitness page for my updated workouts from this past week!

Happy Sunday!


10 Responses to Technical Difficulties

  1. Melissa S. says:

    omg that cheese wheel is huge!!! if it’s vermont cheese…was it cabot?! if it was…omg i’m jealous. i love cabots seriously sharp cheddar cheese…and can’t find it anywhere here in california!

    the shoes are awesome too! too cute!

  2. louisianagrown says:

    What nice neighbors you have! The pastries are definitely the best looking part of your meal. 🙂

  3. Tricia says:

    Yum, everything looks great!

    And new shoes are so exciting!

  4. Britt says:

    Yay new sneakers!!! I couldn’t wait for Christmas and bought myself a new pair. My feet thanked me. 😉

    I remember back in elementary school the boy behind me had one of those cars you pull back to wind up and then the wheels go…… yep, he stuck it on my head…. I ended up inside during recess while the teacher tried to unwind my hair, I think she ended up having to cut some of it. Glad you didn’t lose too much hair!

  5. Hillary says:

    Asics are the best! Can’t run without ’em =)

    ~ Hillary @ Nutrition Nut on the Run

  6. burpexcuzme says:

    Haha, I love getting new sneakers, too, better than high-heels, at least!
    I hate technical difficulties, because I’m soooo bad in it, and it makes me feel stupid. Hee.

    Have a great rest of the holidays!!!

    p.s. OMG! Mega-huge-ass cheeeeese!

  7. I’m loyal to Asics as well. I’ve been wearing the 2000 series since it was born.

  8. whydeprive says:

    I need to pick up some new running shoes. Im actually totally jealous just looking at yours! Theyre so pretty and new!

  9. Oh my goodness….look at all those pastries!!

    Looks like you had a fun Christmas! That is so funny that your bro flew his helicopter into your hair!


  10. I love Asics! Sweet new kicks!

    I want those taters. Glad you had a nice holiday 🙂

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