Speaking of Chocolate…

Literally one hour after my chocolate post yesterday, a little present arrived at our doorstep.

Literally chocolate covered EVERYTHING.  There were chocolate covered pretzels, mini pretzels, peanut butter cups, oreos, brownies, twinkies (ewww I know…), marshmallows and MORE!  My dad knows someone who makes these gift baskets for a living and was generous enough to give our family a huge, overflowing basket full of chocolate treats! I highly recommend checking out her website.


peanut butter cup:

and marshmallows, which I had no problem digging right into!

sooo good!  The bottom even had oreo cookie crumbles on it! Have I mentioned that I love the holidays yet?  Now a gift basket like this will most likely not last long in my house, so with my mom’s advise I made sure to put some of my favorite items aside for me.

Last night, my parents took my dogs about an hour south of here to get groomed.  While they were waiting for them to get groomed, they did a little shopping and called to ask me if I wanted anything from Cosi for dinner.  I have never been to Cosi, but heard awesome things about it.  I ordered a large white bean chili. It also came with a large peice of whole grain flatbread, which was delicious:

I also had roughly 4 small pieces of my dad’s margherita flatbread pizza.  Everything was really yummy.

Today was spent at relaxing, going to the gym, and running some errands with my mom.  The grocery store was packed!  Tonight we are going over to my neighbors house for an annual Christmas Eve party.  I am not feeling so well right now, so hopefully I feel better soon!

Merry Christmas Eve, all! How are you spending your Christmas Eve?


4 Responses to Speaking of Chocolate…

  1. Tricia says:

    Merry Christmas!

    We’re going to Christmas Eve service then plan on driving our little one around to look at lights. While sipping on some hot apple cidar. Yum!

  2. Christina says:

    I am in love with chocolate covered oreos!! My sister got a huge tin of them and I’m pretty sure I have eaten atleast half…OOps…its Christmas 🙂

    Christmas Eve in my family is eating chili and opening one present and I usually make everyone jam out 2 Christmas music!

  3. Melissa says:

    Merry Christmas Eve!

    I spent mine watching 500 Days of Summer. Such a great movie!

  4. gooddevi says:

    hi…merry cristmas
    nice article

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