First Place

Can I just start by saying how EXCITED I am to be a blogger?  I seriously couldn’t sleep last night because tons of blogging ideas were rushing through my head.

Last night I went to a friends house for a holiday party!  I was shocked at the amount of goodies she had out, from cheese and crackers to cupcakes!  I love holiday baking.  We also took part in a gingerbear decorating contest.  Yes, gingerbear, she didn’t have gingerbread men cookie cutters!  They were adorable though!  Guess what, I won first place in the contest!  Here is my bear:

And the plate of goodies I took home:

This morning was busy!  I woke up, ate a quick bowl of oatmeal mixed in with cinnamon puffins, and headed straight to the gym!  At the gym, I did 4.5 miles in a little under 40 minutes at an incline of 2.0. I miss running outside!  It was definitely WAY to cold out today to run, so I made do with the dreadmill.  Better than nothing!

Now, I am finally home safe and sound for winter break!  *Happy Dance!*  It was a rough semester, and I am happy for it to be out of the way!  I will be home for the rest of the month, and take a look at the trunk of my car!

Haha, I can’t believe I showed that to you!  I have so much stuff.  A lot of it is laundry, though!  Okay, well I am off to eat lunch!  I am starving.  Have a great day!


5 Responses to First Place

  1. whydeprive says:

    I was super excited when I started my blog too!! My poor boyfriend had to listen to me go on and on for like a week before I started it.

  2. Caroline says:

    Nice looking Gingerbread man! He’s really cute and I can see why you won!

  3. Haha! Love the gingerbear…so cute!

  4. Hillary says:

    The first day I started my blog I had a grin from ear to ear too. It has definitely brought a lot of joy to my life. Have a great break at home!!

    ~ Hillary @ Nutrition Nut on the Run

  5. I love your blog hun. So fun. I totally hear ya about not being able to sleep being filled with blogging ideas. It has tapered off a bit lately and i’m feeling like a boring blogger, but oh well its still fun!!

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